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Dental plaque in Swampscott

When you are having a cavity filled or you are getting treatment for gum disease, do you ever consider why those issues occurred in the first place, and what you can do to prevent them in the future? The answers can be found in how you address dental plaque. And here at Darryl Smith Dental Group, we can help you with that, both with direct care and with essential guidance of what to do on your own.

Dental plaque is like a film. It is made up of bacteria, and it is fueled by the sugars and starches in your foods and beverages. Dental plaque has acids, and they eat away at your tooth enamel, which is how cavities form. Those acids are also no friend to your gums. Irritation and redness are the initial effects, and those are the indications of gingivitis, the first stage of gum disease. Later on, you could end up with inflammation or infection, which can lead to such alarming effects as consistently bad breath, bleeding from your gums when brushing your teeth, and receding gums, which tends to make your teeth look larger, but more importantly expose your roots and make you more prone to problems. If that happens, you will need prompt treatment from our Swampscott dentist office to avoid loss of gum and bone tissue and loose teeth. Speaking of your teeth, cavities don’t represent the end of the challenges they face from dental plaque. You may end up with a toothache or tooth infection, for which our Swampscott dentist office would need to perform root canal to remedy.

Good nutrition, brushing, flossing, and two oral examinations and teeth cleanings each year comprise the most successful strategy for dealing with dental plaque and its potential consequences. Contact our Swampscott dentist office to schedule your next appointment.

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